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Gelflex Vinyl 500g (Soft Grade - Natural)


Gelflex Hot melt Vinyl is a PVC moulding material which can be re-used many times. Available in Soft grade (Natural, 8° Shore A) it provides an extremely cost effective alternative to more expensive materials, such as silicone and polyurethane and produces good results. Gelflex mould can be cut up and reheated and melted down again for use in another mould.

Gelflex has become very popular for use in creating wax models for use in the lost wax process for bronze casting and glass casting. It is also used when casting plaster and concrete. Gelflex should be melted using a simple thermostatically controlled heating vessel to avoid overheating. Gelflex should be heated to between 150 °C and 165 °C.

There are two important points to remember when using Gelflex:

  1. Efficient sealing of porous masters made from materials such as plaster, concrete & wood.
  2. Heating and pouring of Gelflex at the specified temperatures, this stops air-bubbles, shrinkage of the mould and increases the number of possible re-melts.

Gelflex is not suitable for creating moulds of objects which would be affected by the heat of the melted Gelflex, for example objects made of wax.

Information Sheet (pdf)