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- ShopRCA is for use by RCA students and staff only -

Ceramics & Glass

  • £3.55

    Air-Drying Modelling Clay 500g

    A fibre-reinforced air-drying modelling clay available in White and Terracotta. Non-sticky and has low shrinkage during drying. It is malleable, it...

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  • from £6.25

    Potters Plaster

    Potters Plaster is a mould-making material for slip casting sanitaryware, tableware, and castings. It cures in 9 minutes, has an off-white color, a...

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  • from £3.25

    Glaze & Body Stains 50g

    These stains can be used to add colour to white and transparent glazes and to slips to produce coloured engobes and coloured clay bodies. They can ...

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  • £9.50

    Stoneware Buff 12.5kg

    General purpose clay, splendidly developed body, based on highly refractory fire clays and grog additives, giving a high resistance to warping and ...

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  • £2.15

    Spectrum Clay 500g Bar (Plasticine)

    An excellent modelling material similar to Plasticine. Suitable for all ages, Spectrum Clay is soft, pliable and will retain its shape but will not...

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  • £1.75

    Mod Roc Roll 15cm x 275cm

    High quality Plaster-of-Paris bandages. Instructions: Prepare pieces of Mod Roc - these will need to fit the area you wish to cover (bear in mind t...

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  • from £4.15

    Fimo Air Basic Modelling Clay

    Ideal for art, recreation and hobby as well as for educational purposes in schools, kindergartens and other similar facilities. Clay-like Pottery ...

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  • from £9.00

    Air-Drying Clay

    Air-drying clay in a natural, buff stone or in a traditional terracotta colour that are popular choices for work that is going to be painted or gl...

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  • £17.60

    Stoneware Crank Clay 12.5kg

    A stoneware clay body with a good degree of plasticity, it contains a coarse silica grog giving it coarse texture. It dries a pale buff, off-white ...

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  • £8.85

    Terracotta Red Clay 12.5kg (Standard)

    General purpose red terracotta clay, with a medium texture. Based on a blend of Etruria Marls. Grogg has been added to this clay body (20%) which i...

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  • £0.35

    Economy Paper Beaker

    Economy paper beakers made from waxed paper cups, for mixing resin, plasters, paints etc.400ml/16oz in volume, they have graduated lines on the sid...

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  • Sold out

    Special Porcelain 12.5kg

    A very smooth, high quality white porcelain clay. Containing fine white clays with a bentonite addition. Suitable for modelling, hand building, thr...

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  • from £3.95

    Milliput 2-Part Epoxy Putty 113g

    Milliput is a two-part, cold setting, non-shrinking epoxy putty sold in cartons containing 113.4gm. One 56.7gm stick of each part. We have three ty...

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  • £0.85

    Rubber Mould Band

    Large 7” rubber band intended for holding moulds together during setting. Sold individually.

  • from £0.80

    BD Plastipak Plastic Syringes

    When measuring out quantities of resin or silicone moulding materials, syringes are ideal for accurately measuring out the catalyst. They are medi...

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  • from £2.75

    Underglaze Colours 50g

    Underglaze colours in powder form for use in ceramics production. Powdered colours should be mixed with a suitable medium in the approximate propor...

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  • £22.65

    White Earthenware Handbuilding Clay 12.5kg (Grogged White)

    Manufactured from a very plastic white earthenware base, this clay has a Molochite sand addition which gives it a medium texture and excellent work...

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  • £10.00

    Alginate Impression Material 450g

    Alginate is ideal for life-casting and many more one-off casting projects. Alginart is a well known brand of Alginate. Simply mix the Alginate powd...

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  • £30.85

    Xiameter RTV-3481 Silicone 1kg Kit (inc. catalyst)

    High strength silicone mould-making rubber suited for the detailed reproduction of figures, art objects and similar items. This kit includes 1kg of...

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  • £24.60

    Porcelain White Stoneware PF700 12.5kg

    PF 700 has been formulated from the purest, highest quality white clays to give a porcelain-like appearance. Developed to be a white porcelain-like...

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  • £17.40

    Standard White Earthenware 12.5kg

    This white earthenware clay body has a smooth texture, produces an excellent casting slip, and gives good fired strength. Suitable for once-firing ...

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  • from £0.65

    Glass Rods 1.5m

    Borosilicate glass rods. Made from SIMAX, these rods are smooth and imporous, perfectly transparent, catalytically indifferent, corrosion resistant...

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  • £16.35

    Liquid Latex Emulsion 1 Litre

    The latex can be used on various master materials including plaster, wood, clay and metals. Latex works best on porous materials because these draw...

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  • £45.70

    RTV-4234-T4 Silicone Rubber (1kg) + Curing Agent (100g)

    Translucent, high tear strength mouldmaking rubber featuring fast cure. Suited for prototype design and production tooling. This kit includes 1kg o...

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