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Office Supplies & Display

  • from £2.40

    3M 101E Masking Tape 50m

    This white masking tape is a great essential for any set of stationary items, whether it’s around the house at home or in the office. This general ...

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  • from £4.95

    RCA Travel Journal

    Notebooks for writing and sketching. Features 64 sheets of 130gsm white cartridge paper, journal style hardback covers with elastic retaining band,...

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  • from £1.55

    UHU All Purpose Adhesive

    UHU All Purpose Adhesive, the proven liquid synthetic resin adhesive for fast and crystal-clear bonds. Suitable for a wide range of applications, a...

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  • from £1.65

    RCA Dot Grid Starter Book

    Pearl grey card cover notebooks with 20 sheets of white 140gsm paper. Printed with a 5mm dot grid, and staple bound. Available in A5 and A4 sizes (...

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  • £2.50

    Pritt Stick

    Ideal for sticking paper, card and photographs. Over 90% of solid content derived from naturally renewable sources. No fossil oil base means lower ...

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  • from £0.25

    Black Foldback Clip

    These clips can be used either to store your paper together or to hold sheets firmly down against your clipboard while you are working on the go. K...

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  • £4.65

    Double Sided Tape 24mm x 33m

    A thin paper base, coated on both sides with a shear adhesive and silicone release liner.

  • from £2.05

    Sparks Electrical Tape 33m

    A Flame Retardant PVC Insulation Tape. Self-extinguishing plasticised PVC film, particularly suitable for all general purpose electrical work, such...

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  • £3.90

    Large Plastic Kraft Knife

    Good quality cutting instrument at great value price.

  • from £0.75

    Letter Clips

    Efficiently organize your documents with our traditional letter clips, available in various sizes. No more searching for lost papers - these clips ...

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  • from £2.40

    Stainless Steel Ruler

    Tech Style Stainless Steel Ruler This stainless steel ruler is perfect for precise measurements and crafting projects. Its stainless steel constru...

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  • from £5.85

    Cutting Mat

    Professional Quality 5ply Green & Blue Cutting Mats Features are: Self healing, fixed colour which will not rub off on card whilst cutting. 5p...

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  • from £2.65

    General Purpose PVA Glue

    This General Purpose PVA Glue is an all-around adhesive that is perfect for a variety of projects. Its washable formula allows for easy clean-up, m...

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  • £0.75

    Koh-i-Noor Drawing Pencils

    High quality Koh-i-Noor pencils.

  • £1.20

    Swann Morton "Trimaway" Red Handle Knife

    Swann-Morton Trimaway

  • £2.00

    RCA Pen

    Black ink ballpen with a tactile soft-touch barrel that offers a comfortable hold for writing.

  • from £0.65

    Post-it Notes Canary Yellow 100 Sheet Pad

    The classic sticky note from Post-it. Easy to remove and reposition, these sticky notes give you all the flexibility you need to play around with y...

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  • from £0.55

    Binding Screws Nickel Plated

    Traditional binding screws are produced in solid brass and then nickel plated to produce the attractive silver colouring. Such a versatile binding ...

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  • £1.25

    Swann Morton Blades (Pack of 5)

    Made from high quality sheffield carbon steel, these surgical blades are recommended for graphics and craft uses. Available in 10 / Curved - Fits ...

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  • £0.75

    BiC Cristal Original Biros

    Quality ink, quick drying and smooth writing, this pen can write up to 2 kilometers of writing length! Ventilated cap. Very resistant 1.0mm medium ...

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  • from £7.00

    Kingston DataTraveler Exodia USB 3.2 Flash Drive

    Kingston’s DataTraveler® Exodia features USB 3.2 Gen 1 performance for easy access to laptops, desktop PCs, monitors and other digital devices. DT ...

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  • £1.85

    15cm Scissors

    Good quality scissors at great value.

  • £1.45

    RCA Pencil

    Top quality, HB grade pencils from BIC that won't splinter if broken. Features an eraser tip. Material: Wood-free pencil made with synthetic resin ...

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  • £2.20

    White Tack 50g

    UHU White Tack gives incredible adhesion on a huge variety of surfaces. Use and reuse it to fix paper, photos, posters and other light materials to...

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