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3D Making Supplies

  • from £2.40

    3M 101E Masking Tape 50m

    This white masking tape is a great essential for any set of stationary items, whether it’s around the house at home or in the office. This general ...

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  • from £1.55

    UHU All Purpose Adhesive

    UHU All Purpose Adhesive, the proven liquid synthetic resin adhesive for fast and crystal-clear bonds. Suitable for a wide range of applications, a...

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  • £2.50

    Pritt Stick

    Ideal for sticking paper, card and photographs. Over 90% of solid content derived from naturally renewable sources. No fossil oil base means lower ...

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  • £1.75

    Wet & Dry Abrasive Waterproof Paper

    Abrasive waterproof paper. Normally used for rubbing down marble, soapstone, granite, resins, metals, etc. The higher the grit number, the finer th...

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  • £2.00

    Enamelled Coloured Wire 15m Spool

    Premium quality 0.7mm jewellery wire with enamelled coating which provides ultra vibrant colours and a high sheen finish. Suitable for a variety of...

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  • £4.65

    Double Sided Tape 24mm x 33m

    A thin paper base, coated on both sides with a shear adhesive and silicone release liner.

  • from £2.05

    Sparks Electrical Tape 33m

    A Flame Retardant PVC Insulation Tape. Self-extinguishing plasticised PVC film, particularly suitable for all general purpose electrical work, such...

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  • £3.90

    Large Plastic Kraft Knife

    Good quality cutting instrument at great value price.

  • £3.55

    Air-Drying Modelling Clay 500g

    A fibre-reinforced air-drying modelling clay available in White and Terracotta. Non-sticky and has low shrinkage during drying. It is malleable, it...

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  • from £2.40

    Stainless Steel Ruler

    Tech Style Stainless Steel Ruler This stainless steel ruler is perfect for precise measurements and crafting projects. Its stainless steel constru...

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  • from £3.65

    Mixing Bucket with Lid

    White plastic buckets with replaceable lids and handle. Available in various sizes.

  • from £5.85

    Cutting Mat

    Professional Quality 5ply Green & Blue Cutting Mats Features are: Self healing, fixed colour which will not rub off on card whilst cutting. 5p...

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  • from £2.65

    General Purpose PVA Glue

    This General Purpose PVA Glue is an all-around adhesive that is perfect for a variety of projects. Its washable formula allows for easy clean-up, m...

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  • £1.20

    Swann Morton "Trimaway" Red Handle Knife

    Swann-Morton Trimaway

  • from £6.25

    Potters Plaster

    Potters Plaster is a mould-making material for slip casting sanitaryware, tableware, and castings. It cures in 9 minutes, has an off-white color, a...

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  • £1.25

    Swann Morton Blades (Pack of 5)

    Made from high quality sheffield carbon steel, these surgical blades are recommended for graphics and craft uses. Available in 10 / Curved - Fits ...

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  • from £3.25

    Glaze & Body Stains 50g

    These stains can be used to add colour to white and transparent glazes and to slips to produce coloured engobes and coloured clay bodies. They can ...

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  • £1.85

    15cm Scissors

    Good quality scissors at great value.

  • £9.50

    Stoneware Buff 12.5kg

    General purpose clay, splendidly developed body, based on highly refractory fire clays and grog additives, giving a high resistance to warping and ...

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  • £2.20

    White Tack 50g

    UHU White Tack gives incredible adhesion on a huge variety of surfaces. Use and reuse it to fix paper, photos, posters and other light materials to...

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  • £2.15

    Spectrum Clay 500g Bar (Plasticine)

    An excellent modelling material similar to Plasticine. Suitable for all ages, Spectrum Clay is soft, pliable and will retain its shape but will not...

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  • £4.55

    10" Comfort Large Scissors

    25.4cm shears with comfortable soft grip handles.

  • £1.75

    Mod Roc Roll 15cm x 275cm

    High quality Plaster-of-Paris bandages. Instructions: Prepare pieces of Mod Roc - these will need to fit the area you wish to cover (bear in mind t...

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  • £5.30

    Durabond Superglue 20g

      Cyanoacrylate Superglue is the perfect choice for any repairs requiring a strong bond. It cures quickly and will bond rubber, plastic, wood, leat...

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