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Binding Supplies

  • from £0.55

    Binding Screws Nickel Plated

    Traditional binding screws are produced in solid brass and then nickel plated to produce the attractive silver colouring. Such a versatile binding ...

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  • from £0.40

    Binding Ring 25mm

    Click-shut binding rings. Should not be used as a keyring.

  • £0.50

    Bookbinding Needles (Single)

    Needles - Nickel Plated Steel. Ideal for bookbinding. Straight - 65mm.

  • £14.10

    Bookbinding Thread 18/3 Spool 50g

    50g spools Linen Sewing Thread Natural - off-white 100% pure linen, coated in beeswax for trouble-free sewing

  • £11.30

    Bone Folder - 6" Pointed

    Cow Bone Folders are suitable for bookbinding, print finishing and upholstery applications. 6" (150mm) - pointed one end, rounded other end

  • £0.50

    Black Plastic A4 Slide Binder

    Compatible with A4 format documents, these spine bars are a simple yet effective way of binding paperwork. Easy to use, they don’t require using an...

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  • £8.75

    Bookbinding Awl

    The bookbinding awl has wooden beech handles and steel shafts. 60mm x 1.5mm to 9.0mm varying

  • £0.30

    Binding Screw Extensions 6mm

    Nickel extension for binding screws. 6mm

  • £0.05

    Key Ring Split Type 25mm Pack of 10

    Popular accessory to compliment a key fob Split type, nickel plated steel

  • £0.75