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Standard White Earthenware 12.5kg


This white earthenware clay body has a smooth texture, produces an excellent casting slip, and gives good fired strength. Suitable for once-firing (the practice of firing ceramics in one firing, rather than two, to produce a fully glazed product).

Firing temperature range: 1080 - 1180°C

Supplied in 12.5kg bags.

Casting slip recipe*:

  • 12.5kg bag of Standard White Earthenware
  • 1.26 litres of water
  • 4.5g Soda Ash
  • 14g Sodium Silicate 140s

*This is a suggested recipe and you may need to adjust it for your own requirements and preferences.

Firing temperature range: 1220 - 1280°C

Supplied in 12.5kg bags. This is not air drying clay.

Warning - this products contain crystalline silica - If the product is allowed to dry, any powder product generated is hazardous to health by inhalation. Excessive and repeated inhalation of quartz over a prolonged period can cause chronic lung damage.

Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

Technical Information:

Si02%: 71.63

Ti02%: 0.24

AL203%: 18.26

Fe203%: 0.47

P205%: 0.06

Ca0%: 0.93

Mg0%: 0.18

K20%: 1.56

Na20%: 0.37

Total Contraction 1100°C: 10.00%

Pre Fired Total: 1100

Thermal Expansion 500°C: 0.360, 600°C: 0.510

Texture (1=smooth, 10=Coarse): 1

Fired Colour: White