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Castaldo Econosil® Jewellery Moulding Silicone Rubber Strip


Econosil is a putty-like material that makes strong production rubber moulds. Moulds made of Castaldo Econosil cut like butter, give waxes with a high shine finish and require no messy sprays or powders.

Castaldo Econosil® Jewellery Moulding Rubber is a harder, firmer but still flexible version of the Super High Strength™ rubber, at a lower cost. Which mean the moulds produce less variation in final cast weights, as well as greater detail and less distortion. Rubber shrinkage is only 1.1%

Please see the technical data sheet below for more information and instructions.

Colour: Red
Strip weight: 300g approx.

Please read the safety information prior to purchase and use:

Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

Technical Data Sheet (pdf)