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Porcelain White Stoneware PF700 12.5kg


PF 700 has been formulated from the purest, highest quality white clays to give a porcelain-like appearance. Developed to be a white porcelain-like clay which is more reliable and easier to work with than a porcelain clay body, which can be hard to work with given their lack of plasticity and are more likely to crack, warp or shrink than stoneware bodies.

This clay is not as translucent as porcelain, but it's just as white, and has all the qualities of a good stoneware body, producing porcelain-like results at a lower cost.

PF 700 has a smooth texture, is very white in colour and is suitable for throwing, jigger and jollying, press moulding, modelling, and casting.

Supplied in 12.5kg bags. 

This is not air-drying clay.

Warning - this products contain crystalline silica - If the product is allowed to dry, any powder product generated is hazardous to health by inhalation. Excessive and repeated inhalation of quartz over a prolonged period can cause chronic lung damage.

Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

Technical Information:

Si02%: 67.00

Ti02%: 0.17

AL203%: 22.70

Fe203%: 0.48

P205%: 0

Ca0%: 0.10

Mg0%: 0.25

K20%: 1.40

Na20%: 0.22

Total Contraction 1200°C: 8.0%

Pre Fired Total: 1200

Thermal Expansion 500°C: 0.29

Texture (1=smooth, 10=Coarse): 2

Fired Colour: Very White

Firing Range 1180°c – 1300°c