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Kodak Portra Pro 400 135 Colour Film (36 Exp)


35mm Colour Negative Film

Kodak Portra 400 film is a high-speed film that can be used in a variety of venues and for wide range of purposes. It delivers exceptional colour saturation and features fine grain and a high degree of sharpness. With this updated version of Portra, highlight and shadow detail are no problem, and with its excellent T-Grain structure, large prints are not a problem.

For the portrait or fashion photographer, this film is a great choice which produces wonderful and pleasing skin tones. If you prefer landscapes or action shooting, this film works well even when your ambient light level is reduced. In addition, the 400 speed offers you more control of your depth of field. The advanced technology that goes into this film includes improvement in the cyan and magenta layers as well as an enhanced T-Grain emulsion.

Film Speed: 400