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Gilding Metal Sheets


Gilding metal is a form of brass (which is a metal alloy of copper and zinc), but with a much higher copper content than standard brass. Brass contains 62-65% copper, whereas gilding metal contains around 95%. It has a deep yellow golden colour that darkens into a rich bronze colour over time.

Gilding metal has similar malleability and working properties to silver, and so it is useful as a low-cost training material for silversmiths, compared to using precious metals. Gilding metal is good for hammer working, and is a popular choice for craft metalworking. Ideal for object that are to be gilded by electrolysis.

We have sheets of gilding metal available in various thicknesses. Each thickness is sold in different sizes:

  • 6" x 1' / 152 x 305mm
  • 1' x 1' / 305 x 305mm
  • 2' x 1' / 610 x 305mm
" = inch
' = foot
mm = millimetre