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- ShopRCA is for use by RCA students and staff only -

ECOBoard 1220 x 608mm


Healthy & Ecological Alternative for MDF, Plywood, OSB & Chipboard

ECOBoard is made using natural fibres from agricultural waste materials. This environmentally-friendly alternative to chipboard, MDF, OSB, and Plywood boasts a negative carbon footprint and can be used for various purposes, such as furniture and interiors. These sustainable panels provide an eco-friendly solution that won't compromise on quality.

Larger sheets are available - see below.

ECOBoard bio based panels are made from agricultural residues such as straw or reeds and are bonded together with the natural lignin of the cellulose fibres with only 3% additive without any formaldehyde or other VOCs.

No wood was used to produce ECOBoards. All forests remain.

Key features:

  • High structural strength, load-bearing & stability
  • Superior workability, with excellent screw strength and elasticity  
  • Better water resistance than wood-based alternatives
  • Healthier working environment for users with less dust  
  • No Formaldehyde or chemical emissions
  • Negative carbon footprint
  • Conforms to all relevant Standards NEN / ANSI A208 / BSEN 312 / HUB / etc.

Larger sheets are available!

If you would like to order this material in the following sizes, please email to make an enquiry. Please specify which campus you would like to collect the material from.

  • 1/2 Sheet / 1217 x 1220mm (2x price
  • 3/4 Sheet / 1827 x 1220mm (3x price)
  • Full Sheet / 2440 x 1220mm (4x price)

    ECOBoard Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

    ECOBoard Plant Life Cycle Analysis (pdf)

    Environment and Ecological Benefits of ECOBoards (pdf)

    Declaration of Materials: ECOBoard (pdf)

    RCA Technicians Report (pdf)