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- ShopRCA is for use by RCA students and staff only -

Recycled 'CupCycling™' Cartridge Paper 140gsm


    CupCycling Cartridge Paper is a top choice for both artists and students, as it not only provides a great product but also contributes to reducing the excessive plastic waste in landfills. In the UK alone, over 2.5 billion cups are discarded every year, and their polyethylene coating makes them difficult to recycle.

    However, the CupCycling manufacturing process effectively removes the plastic lining, allowing for 95% conversion of cup waste back into paper and utilizing the remaining 5% for energy recovery in recycled paper production. As a result, the CupCycling Cartridge Paper contains an impressive 80% recycled content.


    • Outstanding tensile and tear strength, sized for wet and dry media
    • The surface is furnished to withstand an eraser
    • The body and tooth to work well with the widest range of media and techniques.
    • Acid-free, versatile white paper
    • 80% recycled using reclaimed coffee cups
    • Made in the UK