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- ShopRCA is for use by RCA students and staff only -

300mm Stainless Steel Tube


Diamond drawn and polished hard 300 series stainless steel tubes. 300mm lengths available in various diameters (inner size), from 0.5mm to 1.13mm.

The diameters listed are the interior diameter, and tubes are sized to have a sliding fit over the equivalent wire size. For example a 0.5mm tube will have a sliding fit over a 0.5mm wire.

300 Series stainless steels are austenitic, which are only hardenable by cold working methods, and are essentially non-magnetic. The addition of nickel is the primary means of 300 series stainless steels achieving their austenitic structure.

Fully annealed - annealing is a heat treatment process which typically, in steels, is used to reduce hardness, whilst also increasing ductility and helps to eliminate internal stresses.