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- ShopRCA is for use by RCA students and staff only -

Montana Gloss Spray Paint 400ml

Colour: Black

Montana WHITE Gloss Spray Paints

The quality synthetic paint base boasts a hard wearing gloss finish that is weather proof for use in all seasons. Montana WHITE utilises a synthetic paint base to achieve a fast drying time, with a gloss finish. The high pressure valve system allows for fast application over greater surface area. Functioning in all weather conditions, Montana WHITE 400ml is ideal for an all year-rounder. Made in Germany to the highest quality standards.

Please note the WHITE in the title does not refer to the colour, rather it is a type of paint with a range of colours. In the Montana WHITE range we have 2 colour options: 

  • Black
  • Ancient White (off-white)

Starting a spray can and general information (pdf)

Montana WHITE Safety Data Sheet (pdf)