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Bendy Ply 1220 x 608mm

Bend Grain

Bendy Plywood is a technically engineered flexible panel. Bendy ply is available in both 'Cross Grain' and 'Long Grain', in 5mm and 8mm thicknesses.

These sheets are cut down from 2440x1220mm sheets, and are approximately 608x1220mm (we refer to this as a quarter sheet).

If you would like to order this material in the following sizes, please email our Raw Materials counter ( to make an enquiry:

  • 1217 x 1220mm (2x price)
  • 1827 x 1220mm (3x price)
  • 2440 x 1220mm  (4x price)

These products are not CE Marked according to the Constructions Product Regulation and are not suitable for permanent use in construction