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  • £4.55

    Rotary Cutter Replacement Blade

    Straight Cut Blade for 28mm Dafa Rotary Cutter Straight Cut Blade for 45mm Dafa Rotary Cutter

  • £9.00

    1000mm Plastic Ruler

    1 metre length ruler made of high-quality and durable shatter resistant plastic. It features both metric and imperial measurements.

  • from £1.20

    Plastic Ruler

    Ruler made of high-quality and durable plastic. It is transparent in design so that the objects being measured are well visible.

  • Sold out

    Rumold French Curves

    Rumold Digi French Curve made in tinted plastic material. 3 curves 13cm 16cm and 31cm all with bevelled edges.

  • £0.30

    Binding Screw Extensions 6mm

    Nickel extension for binding screws. 6mm

  • Sold out

    Conte Kneadable Putty Rubber

    Soft putty correction eraser, for graphite and coloured pencils. 

  • Sold out

    HI-Tec-C Rollerball Pen Black - Extra Fine Tip

    HI-Tec-C are rollerball pens with an extra fine needlepoint from Pilot. These pens have a tip size of 0.4mm which writes with smooth biopolymer ge...

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  • £13.00

    Drawing & Toning Gioconda Set

    Koh-I-Noor Drawing & Toning Gioconda Set Includes pencils, pastels, kneadable eraser, paper stump and toned pencils Can create texture using p...

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  • £3.15

    Blue Fineline Colour Lead 0.5mm

    Faber-Castell replacement leads for all standard 0.5mm mechanical pencils. They have excellent break resistance and are especially smooth, producin...

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  • £1.95

    Dixon Phano China Marker

    Ideal for marking on glass, plastic, film,, paper, metal, rubber or any smooth surface. Easy peel off wrapper and needs no sharpening. Available in...

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  • £1.10

    Small 2mm Lead Sharpener

    This lead sharpener is made by Faber-Castell, and used to sharpen 2mm leads, such as the leads found in out Koh-i-Noor clutch pencils. Simple and e...

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  • £2.10

    G-1 Grip Rollerball Gel Pens - Medium Tip

    Pilot G1 Grip rollerball gel pens give the user an effortless writing experience with its new generation of gel ink. The rubberised grip offers co...

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  • £9.40

    Rotary Cutter 45mm

    Rotary Cutter Ideal for cutting through fabric Can cut through multiple layers Diameter: 45mm

  • £0.05

    Key Ring Split Type 25mm Pack of 10

    Popular accessory to compliment a key fob Split type, nickel plated steel

  • £1.65

    Indicator Pins. Pack of 10

    Useful for pinboards and keeping displays in place.The pack contains 10 x pins with 15mm heads, in a variety of colours.

  • Sold out

    Staedtler Mars 556 Compass

    Plastic case with hinged lid containing 1 compass with spares box. Precision geometry compass with spindle guide, spring-bow head and centre wheel...

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  • £7.50

    Staedtler Mars Circle Templates

      The Staedtler Mars Circle Template makes drawing circles from 1 - 36mm in diameter effortless, with its 0.5mm increments from 1 - 10mm, and 1mm i...

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  • £1.45

    Mars Plastic Eraser refill

    Eraser holder for graphite on paper and matt drafting film With core sliding mechanism and clip Eraser core refill, art no. 52850 Phthalate and la...

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  • £0.75


  • £12.50

    Adjustable Set Square 12"

    Adjustable Set Square Quality instrument, with metal pin, marked in cm

  • £19.90

    Aluminium T- Square Ruler 25"/65cm

    T-Square Rulers allow the user to quickly and accurately draw horizontal and vertical lines. Great for a range of applications such as technical dr...

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  • Sold out

    White Swing Tags (Pack of 10)

    These strung tags are great for labelling or displaying information.They are made from white manilla card, with a pre-cut reinforced hole.Supplied ...

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  • £4.50

    Ecobra Utility Knife Blade Pack- Large

    18mm blade pack of 10 suitable for Ecobra Utility Knife. For cutting paper, cardboard, fabrics, leather, vinyl, PVC and other materials. Knife sold...

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  • £2.95

    Durable Badge Reel

    Extending badge reel with clip for attaching to clothing or a lanyard. Perfect for use with pass holders. Extends to 850mm.

  • £2.50

    Assorted Colours Dot Stickers 13mm Diameter

    Blick self-adhesive labels are high quality and suitable for a multitude of projects, stock takes, everyday activities and perfect for organising a...

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