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Pilot FriXion Erasable Rollerball Gel Pen - Medium Tip

Colour: Black

Pilot's FriXion Erasable rollerball pens allows you to cleanly write, delete and rewrite - all with the same pen. Simply rub out your mistakes with the eraser stud and watch the ink disappear. The unique gel ink responds to the heat generated by the rubbing out, and lets you write over your mistake immediately with the same pen.

Effectiveness and writing comfort thanks to the unique fluidity and ultra-softness of the Pilot gel ink. Ergonomic, with a grip to ensure a perfect hold control.

0.7mm tip gives a 0.35mm medium line.

Made of at least 50% of recycled plastic material (excluding refills and product packaging) in order to help save our planet's resources.
Pen with cap.