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Brass Sheets


With its bright yellow-gold colour, brass has a lustre that make it a good metal for decorative applications. It's also one of the most popular metals to use when making musical instruments, due to its low friction and acoustic properties.

It can be easily machined, and has very good corrosion resistance. An excellent metal for cold forming and can also be easily drawn. Suitable for soldering and brazing. Brass is an alloy of both copper and zinc.

This is CZ108 Half Hard Brass, an alpha alloy of high purity, composed of between 62/65% Copper (CU), 0.5% trace elements (Iron & Lead), and remainder is Zinc (ZN). Not to be used in applications with nitric, hydrochloric or acetic acid, as well as moist ammonia of ammonia compounds.

We have various thicknesses available in these sheet sizes:

6" x 1' / 152 x 305mm
1' x 1' / 305 x 305mm
2' x 1' / 610 x 305mm


" = inch
' = foot
mm = millimetre