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Transparent Stoneware Glaze Powder 1kg


Finish: Glossy

Firing Range: 1250°C - 1280°C

Mixing Ratio: 1 litre water per 1kg powder

Mixing Instructions:

  • Always wear a mask when mixing powdered glaze.
  • In a bucket gently add the powder to water, try to avoid adding all the powder at once to prevent clumping.
  • Mix glaze for 10 minutes, using either a hand or electric whisk.
  • Using an 80 or 100 mesh sieve, pore the liquid glaze through, working all the material through using a stiff brush.
  • The glaze mix should have a creamy viscosity, it's better to start with a thicker mixture and add water as required.
  • This glaze is non-toxic, but it is essential in any pottery studio to minimise inhalation of silica dust. Always clean up with a damp sponge.

This product comes in powder form and is not ready-made.

HARMFUL (Xn). Please read the safety information prior to purchase and use:

Safety Data Sheet (pdf)