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Glaze & Body Stains 50g

Colour: Sky/Jay Blue 1280

These stains can be used to add colour to white and transparent glazes and to slips to produce coloured engobes and coloured clay bodies. They can also be applied to an unfired glaze surface.

Suggested additions are 5% for glazes and 10% for slips and clays. Remember thorough mixing and sieving of the stain is required to avoid specking.

Maximum firing temperatures - see colour option names. For example 'Mazarine Blue' has a firing temperature of 1280°C.

Please read the safety information prior to purchase and use. Safety data sheets:

Amulet Green 1280 MSDS (pdf)
Black 1250 MSDS (pdf)
Bright Orange 1250 MSDS (pdf) HARMFUL
Bright Yellow 1250 MSDS (pdf) HARMFUL
Canary/Golden Yellow 1280 MSDS (pdf)
Cobalt Blue 1300 MSDS (pdf)
Coral 1200 MSDS (pdf)
Corn Yellow 1260 MSDS (pdf)
Crimson Maroon 1080 MSDS (pdf)
Deep Red 1250 MSDS (pdf) HARMFUL
Golden Brown 1100 MSDS (pdf)
Grass Green 1280 MSDS (pdf)
Grey 1280 MSDS (pdf)
Honey 1280 MSDS (pdf)
Lilac/deep purple 1200 MSDS (pdf)
Lime Green 1280 MSDS (pdf)
Lincoln Green 1200 MSDS (pdf)
Mandarin Yellow 1250 MSDS (pdf)
Mazarine Blue 1280 MSDS (pdf)
Orange (Egg Yellow) 1280 MSDS (pdf)
Red Brown 1280 MSDS (pdf)
Rosso Orange/Red 1280 MSDS (pdf) HARMFUL
Sky/Jay Blue 1280 MSDS (pdf)
Tan Pink 1280 Glaze Only MSDS (pdf) HARMFUL
Victoria Green 1200 MSDS (pdf)
Medium Blue 1250 MSDS (pdf)
Cornflour Blue 1250 MSDS (pdf)