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Mod Roc Roll 15cm x 275cm


High quality Plaster-of-Paris bandages.


Prepare pieces of Mod Roc - these will need to fit the area you wish to cover (bear in mind the pieces will need to overlap). Just cut pieces using scissors.

Dip the strips of Mod Roc into water, one at a time. After removing the piece from the water, run your fingers down the piece to remove excess liquid (we suggest wearing gloves to protect your skin). Then apply to the surface, overlap the pieces by 20-30mm to make sure you have a good bond.

Whilst still damp, rub the surface of the mod roc gently with wet fingers to create a smooth surface. Repeat this each time you add another piece.

To get a strong structure, three or four layers of Mod Roc will be required.

Allow the Mod Roc structure to dry completely in a well ventilated room. Depending on the thickness of the structure and the environment where it is left, the drying time will vary.

The structure can then be painted with water based paints, but only once it is completely dry. Or you can seal the surface using a mixture of PVA glue and water (1 part PVA, 5 parts water).

Safety Data Sheet (pdf)