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Adhesives & Tapes

  • from £2.40

    3M 101E Masking Tape 50m

    This white masking tape is a great essential for any set of stationary items, whether it’s around the house at home or in the office. This general ...

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  • from £1.55

    UHU All Purpose Adhesive

    UHU All Purpose Adhesive, the proven liquid synthetic resin adhesive for fast and crystal-clear bonds. Suitable for a wide range of applications, a...

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  • £2.50

    Pritt Stick

    Ideal for sticking paper, card and photographs. Over 90% of solid content derived from naturally renewable sources. No fossil oil base means lower ...

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  • £4.65

    Double Sided Tape 24mm x 33m

    A thin paper base, coated on both sides with a shear adhesive and silicone release liner.

  • from £2.05

    Sparks Electrical Tape 33m

    A Flame Retardant PVC Insulation Tape. Self-extinguishing plasticised PVC film, particularly suitable for all general purpose electrical work, such...

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  • from £2.65

    General Purpose PVA Glue

    This General Purpose PVA Glue is an all-around adhesive that is perfect for a variety of projects. Its washable formula allows for easy clean-up, m...

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  • £2.20

    White Tack 50g

    UHU White Tack gives incredible adhesion on a huge variety of surfaces. Use and reuse it to fix paper, photos, posters and other light materials to...

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  • Sold out

    Brown/green Packing Tape 50mm x 66m

    The Clear packaging tape is made from 40-micron-thick polypropylene, guaranteeing strong and durable protection for all your packages. The Brown pa...

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  • £5.30

    Durabond Superglue 20g

      Cyanoacrylate Superglue is the perfect choice for any repairs requiring a strong bond. It cures quickly and will bond rubber, plastic, wood, leat...

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  • from £0.35

    Magnetic Discs

    These are just the job for closing of binders and folders along with the standard magnet applications. Silver, very thin and super strong. They als...

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  • £5.50

    Rapid Epoxy Adhesive 25ml Syringe

    Industrial strength fast setting, clear drying epoxy adhesive supplied in a twin syringe for easy application Starts to hold in just 5 minutes Sui...

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  • Gaffer Tape Roll, Black, 50mm wide, 50m Long

    Gaffer Tape 50m x 50mm

    This 50m x 50mm gaffer (duct) tape is perfect for sealing and binding, with its water-resistant mesh cloth weave and high adhesion and tensile stre...

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  • from £1.80

    Sellotape Original

    This anti-static sticky tape is easy to tear and extra sticky, and features an easy starter tab so you don't have to waste any time looking for the...

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  • £2.25

    Clear Packing Tape 48mm x 66m

    Tough, waterproof, low static polypropylene clear film. High strength and adhesion. Release coated for easy unwind. 48mm x 66m, core size of 75mm. ...

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  • £0.75

    Glue Stick 300mm

    A general purpose glue stick for bonding wood, paper, fabrics, plastics, leather, metal, bricks, tiles etc Waterproof and low toxic, no fumes and...

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  • £3.25

    Sellotape Double Sided 12mm x 33m

    This double-sided tape by Sellotape offers you an excellent performance whenever you need it. Strongly adhesive, this tape firmly sticks to almost ...

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  • £5.25

    Bostik Handy Glue Gun Sticks Pack of 14

    Bostik glue sticks are suitable for use with the Bostik handy hot melt glue gun. The glue sticks have a diameter of 8 mm and provide a strong bond ...

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  • £5.25

    Nylon Line 5kg 50m

    Transparent, nylon hanging line with 11lb breaking strain makes poster and mobile hanging quick and easy. 50m length

  • from £2.95

    Scotch Magic Tape 19mm x 33m

    Multipurpose invisible tape that's ideal for paper repairs and sealing. This matte adhesive tape is the low noise tape that is not only versatile a...

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  • £4.75

    Plastic Weld Cement 57ml

    This solvent sticks all normal model making plastics, i.e. perspex, ABS, butyrate, styrene, acrylic etc. It has a long shelf life, is fast acting (...

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  • from £5.45


    Latex adhesive, strong and versatile, water-soluble before setting.For use on many different surfaces including paper, board, wood, fabric, card, l...

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  • from £6.20

    PVA Wood Glue

    This PVA wood glue has been trusted by renowned furniture makers in Britain for many years. It provides high-quality adhesion and make it perfect f...

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  • £8.50

    Titebond 8oz Original Adhesive

    Original aliphatic resin glue with a strong initial tack, a fast set and a superior bond strength Non-toxic and cleans up with water, easily sand...

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  • £17.45

    Bostik Handy Glue Gun

    The glue will bond most materials such as fabric, leather, wood even ceramics. It's simple to use, load one of the glue sticks (included) into the ...

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  • Sold out

    Loctite Super Glue Liquid Tube 3g

    Loctite Original Super Glue 3g is an essential tool for any repair task in the workplace. With just one drop, it provides instant strength ...

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  • from £2.55

    Gummed Paper Tape

    Wettable Gummed Tape Roll. Image is the 48mm x 200m roll.

  • £7.25

    Plastic Weld Applicator

    10ml refillable squeeze bottle for the safe and controlled application of solvent cement, such as plastic weld cement. Includes 2x needles and a ne...

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  • from £10.75

    3M 9087 Double Sided Tape 50m - High Adhesion

    The 3M Double Sided Tape provides the perfect solution for: Plastic extrusions, Automotive trim, Point of sale, Signage, Automotive interiors, Badg...

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  • £3.80

    Loctite Super Glue Precision Bottle with Extra-long Nozzle 5g

    This 5g bottle of Loctite Super Glue Precision includes an extended nozzle for precise and effortless repairs in the workplace. It is ideal for var...

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  • £4.00

    Framers Tape 38mm x 50m

    ECO15+ Self Adhesive Tape 38mm x 50m This framing tape is a good quality, self adhesive paper tape. Traditionally used as a sealing tape on the bac...

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  • £2.75

    3M Command Poster Strips

    3M Command Poster Strips are a great way to hang posters without leaving damage. With special adhesive that holds strongly, and removes cleanly, yo...

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  • £1.35

    Map Pins 5mm Head Assorted Colours (pack of 100)

    These map pins have a spherical plastic top in a variety of colours, and a strong steel body. Dimensions: 0.5 (W) x 1.7 (D) x 1.7 (H) cm Packaging ...

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  • £12.95

    Hot Melt Glue Gun 55w

    A hand-held glue gun for use with wood, fabric, ceramics, plastics etc Smooth trigger action gives excellent control and easy flow of glue Uses ad...

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  • £3.75

    3M Command Medium Hooks 2 Pack

    Medium-size hooks used to hang items up to 1kg in weight. Thanks to the special adhesive strips they adhere to many surfaces including ceramic tile...

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  • £11.25

    Heavy Duty Double Sided Cloth Tape 25mm x 50m

    Heavy Duty Double Sided Cloth Tape,  is an open weave cloth, impregnated with a tenacious adhesive. Ideal for use where an extra strong fixing is ...

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  • from £6.35

    Evo-Stik Impact Adhesive

    Evo-Stick Impact Adhesive 30g Small Tubes 65g Large Tubes 250ml Can Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

  • £3.05

    Flex Trip Magnetic Tape

    This magnet that is easy to cut, saw or drill. It can be twisted, rolled coiled, cut, drilled, punched, riveted, screwed and bent. Adhesive back.  ...

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  • from £0.15

    Picture Plates Plain, Steel, Brass Plated (Mirror Plates)

    A convenient way to hang pictures and paintings onto walls. Plain, with round holes. Brass plated steel. Our picture plates are double-press counte...

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  • £4.55

    Stix 2 Poster Glue Dots, Removable

    Unlike other glue dots, these allow you to reposition items after initial adhesion and are transparent. Acid-free. Approx. 10mm diameter.

  • £3.50

    Sellotape Sticky Hook & Loop 24 Tabs

    With two matching pads that attach to each other easily, Sellotape Sticky Hook and Loop pads are a great way to set up displays or use with existin...

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  • Sold out

    Mighty Button Magnets

    Designed for applications where a powerful magnet is required. More than three times as strong as ordinary ceramic magnets. 6 per packet.  Size: 19...

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  • £3.20

    Brutebar Small Magnets

    Designed for applications where a long, thin and powerful magnet is required. More than three times as strong as ordinary ceramic magnets. 8 per pa...

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  • £1.60

    Push Pins, Pack of 25

    Good for pinboards, display and map markers. The pack contains 25 x pins with 7mm wide heads, in a variety of colours.

  • £8.40

    Frogtape Multi-Surface Masking Tape 24mm x 41m

    Multi-surface masking tape with technology to keep paint out and ensure sharp lines. Suitable for use on painted walls, wood, glass and metal. Can ...

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  • £3.50

    3M Command Large Hook

    This 3M hook strip lets you firmly and securely attach it to a number of surfaces such as paint, wood, tiles and much more. What happens when you c...

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  • £3.60

    Velcro White Hook and Loop Coins 16mm

    These stick on round hook and loop pieces are an easy alternative to nails and screws - allowing for a quick securing solution. The product will ho...

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